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The Amazing Kreskin

October 14, 2010

He's a mentalist, NOT a psychic. Ok?

 A few years ago I was getting ready for work, listening as I always do to my busted, transistor radio when I first heard the name: The Amazing Kreskin. He explained what a mentalist is, how it’s different from a psychic or hypnotist and that he was performing that very night. So I got a few tickets and off we all went to go see him live.

Wow. It was the most amazing magic show I’d ever seen. Except there was no slight of hand, top hats, or rabbits. It was just this old guy tapping into his Amazing brain and essentially mind *$**@ the entire audience. And now he’s back in Toronto tonight! Go now, buy tickets, find a scalper, sneak in… do whatever you can to see this man perform live as at 75 years old, he’s likely not going to be doing this show too much longer… here’s a clip from the Hour taken from last time he was in town.

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